Wednesday, February 23, 2011

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Happy Wishes with a cupcake

Somehow I am currently in the craft noise. : D I've recovered some of that time and remains one of my new stamp eigeweiht. Thus, a cupcake is perfect for a birthday card, but otherwise very versatile in my opinion.

And so does my finished card:
On Sunday I made at the Penny Black card with the cute kittens and printed it with two A4 pages Digipapier (the striped and with the circles) . I had so much of this paper and I also think it's really nice, so I thought why not again make a card in the colors:). The other papers are also more residues. My Odds and ends is somehow always full and not really empty: D.
I'm here again with colored paper and sandblasted Druckerapier (turquoise), wipe edges with green or pink, distresst with scissors and with my sewing machine sewing (light blue thread). I made all the paper planes separately and later stuck together with double sided tape. In the corners I used a spring-leaf stamp from Prima Marketing (a mini-temple) in Vintage Photo Distress Ink. The circle sentiment stamp is from a Hiro Arts Set. The cupcake stamp is of a set of UK Craft, is also first Cup Cake For the decoration I have used this time point, which I crossed with a turquoise ribbon. I have also made flowers with a mean punch retro, pink, and wiped them on the edge of the back embossed with an embossing tool. Then a few buttons with a little crochet yarn, gemstones, and pink ribbon Stikls completed and ready:). The Stikls even damp.



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